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Goat Simulator 3's headbutting mayhem finally arrives on mobile

Everyone’s favorite hooved menace is back on mobile with the launch of Goat Simulator 3 for iOS and Android, Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios announced. As before, you play in an open world as a mayhem-loving goat in order to cause maximum chaos and ruin the day of as many NPC’s as possible. The latest version dials up the destruction with accessories like jetpacks, rocket launchers and supercharged headbutts, while letting you kit out your goats with dubious fashion accessories.

The mobile versions offers much the same feature set found on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, particularly the co-op multiplayer support. Other mobile features include multiple goat options (tall, fishy, with hats), an “OK amount” of quests in the open world, mini-games, “ragdoll physics that slap Newton in the face” and more, according to the Play Store listing.

Goat Simulator famously started as a jokey demo for Global Game Jam 2014, replete with bugs, bizarre physics and just a weird, weird concept. Herds of players loved the alpha version, though, so Coffee Stain elected to release it as a full game, leaving in the floppy necks, intersecting meshes and ability to use your goat’s tongue to walk up construction cranes somehow.

Goat Simulator 3 is actually the second game in the series (the developer famously skipped over 2), appearing last year a full eight years after the original. The original version appeared shortly after the alpha, and basically left most of the bugs in — part of the charm, or terribleness of the game, depending on your point of view.

It turns out that “buggy and stupid” is hard to do on purpose though, as GS3’s creative director put it, hence the long delay. In any case, it’s now available on Android and iOS for $13 — not that cheap for a mobile game.

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