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US soldier sprinted into North Korea, eyewitness thought it was a TikTok 'stunt'

A tourist who saw a plainclothes American soldier sprint across the South Korean border into North Korea initially thought it was a stunt. ...


Sens. Hawley, Gillibrand to push ban on lawmakers, executive branch officials owning stock

A bipartisan pair of senators is poised to introduce legislation this week banning U.S. lawmakers and members of the executive branch from owning stock...

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7 best ways to save money on your electricity bill

This summer has been a scorcher in the U.S., with record-breaking heat. And it looks like the worst is still ahead of us. This...

Watch out for this new malicious ransomware disguised as Windows updates

Is that really a Windows update you are about to click on? Or ransomware in disguise? As first documented by Fortinet FortiGuard Labs and...

Personalized chatbot tutors will likely revolutionize traditional education and benefit students: AI expert

AI-powered chatbot tutors will likely revolutionize traditional education and benefit students with one-on-one training, according to a University of California, Berkeley professor of computer...

Best private and safe alternatives to big tech Google

Google has been the world’s dominant search engine for years and shows no signs of slowing down. However, many have started to realize just...

AI humanoid robots hold UN press conference, say they could be more efficient and effective world leaders

A panel of robots told reporters in Switzerland Friday that they could be more efficient leaders than human beings, among other statements. ...


North Dakota gunman had 1,800 rounds of ammo, homemade grenade when launching attack on officers: Police

At a news conference on Wednesday, North Dakota authorities said that the shooter responsible for the death of a Fargo Police Department officer and the...

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