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Newlyweds shamed by social media users for advertising Venmo username on car window: 'Why not?'

Some newlyweds apparently aren’t afraid to ask strangers for wedding gifts, but not everyone agrees with the methods couples are using to encourage donations.

An anonymous woman on Reddit who disapproves of newly married couples accepting handouts snapped a photo of a car in her neighborhood that has the phrase, “just married,” written on the back window along with the couple’s Venmo username.

The Reddit user, who goes by the account name Skyon_High, uploaded the photo to the “Wedding Shaming” subreddit, a 535,400-member forum where anonymous users shame wedding themes, brides, grooms, guests and vendors for questionable behavior.


“My sister almost did this because she saw people all over the internet doing it,” one Reddit user wrote. “Luckily we were able to convince her that it was tacky as hell.”

“I see this s— all over my city, sometimes I JUST see the Venmo handle alone lol,” another user wrote. “Used to charge any I came across, but had a friend who did the same and had her account banned so I stopped as well.”

“I see this all the time here in Utah. I think it’s tacky,” another commenter shared. “I’ve also seen Venmo on wedding invites, which isn’t personally my thing but at least a little better.”

Bride and groom hold pink piggybank.

Brides and grooms typically save some money to host their weddings and guests often give newlyweds gifts and cash to celebrate their union. (iStock)

“I think if people are going to do this it needs to be on GoFundMe, I want the full story of why your wedding/Bach party/honeymoon etc is more deserving of my hard earned money vs the vetted causes I already donate to,” one Reddit user reasoned. “Plus I want to see how many of your family and friends are donating to your cause because if they aren’t willing to publicly donate I’m going to guess you aren’t worth it.”

Other Reddit users in the comment thread have noted that they’ve seen couples share usernames to payment accounts as a post-wedding celebration in touristy areas.

The practice doesn’t seem to be reserved for newlyweds and Reddit users claim they’ve seen payment account usernames shared online and in-person by recent graduates, birthday celebrators and members of wedding parties who are planning bachelor and bachelorette gatherings.

“I don’t think is such a big deal,” another user commented. “They are not hurting anyone, someone might see it and be happy to send them some money and feel good about themselves for doing something nice… I mean, why not?”

Newlyweds receives money in red envelopes.

Close family members and friends typically give newlyweds cash gifts rather than strangers. (iStock)

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game,” another user joked.

“[To be honest] it’s just window paint, it’s easily ignored and not hurting anyone,” another Reddit user wrote.

A Reddit user replied that the car window text “could be a straight up lie to get some easy cash,” but the opposing commenter wrote that a stranger accepting cash from other strangers isn’t something she resents.

Left: 'Just Married' written on a car window. Right: Couple receive payment on app.

Writing ‘Just Married’ on car windows and sharing mobile payment account usernames seems to be a growing trend for newlyeweds, according to wedding and event experts. (iStock)

“You’re correct, it could be. Which is why I don’t typically donate at random to whoever asks,” the Reddit user wrote back. 

“But for the people who are out there asking and receiving, while I am jealous of the easy cash, I don’t begrudge them their (potentially morally questionable) side hustle. Again, were I more shameless, I would want for less,” the user added.

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey, a hosting aesthetic expert and lifestyle blogger from San Diego, told Fox News Digital that digital payment apps have changed how society commemorates and celebrate important life events.

Hundred dollar bills next to bride and groom cake topper and bouquet.

A recent ‘Global Wedding Report’ published by The Knot claims American couples are spending around $30,000 on average for their weddings. (iStock)

“Putting one’s Venmo handle on a car window to solicit cash gifts from random people is one of the newest trends,” said Malarkey. “This has created a discussion, with some saying it’s a rude way to beg for money and others saying it’s a contemporary and practical way to accept presents.”



As an alternative, Malarkey said couples can create donation boxes or an online registry, so wedding guests can contribute discreetly.

Wedding card box on gift table.

Card boxes have traditionally been used to collect cash gifts from wedding guests. Some couples are now moving to online payment apps and gift registries. (iStock)

“Donations should never be expected from strangers as this can appear impersonal and take away from the sentimentality of an event,” she warned. “Weddings, birthday parties and graduation celebrations exist to bring people together meaningfully rather than collect cash donations from attendees.”

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