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Los Angeles DA George Gascon's office leaves Twitter, cites 'unchecked vitriol'

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon’s office is leaving Twitter, stating in a Tuesday tweet that minorities have been targeted on the platform, citing the rise in “false information.”

Gascon made the announcement on Tuesday evening and pointed people to the district attorney’s office’s accounts on other social media platforms.

“LADA will no longer be posting content on this platform. As a prosecutor’s office, we uphold the principles of justice, fairness and equality for all. The rise in unchecked vitriol targeting marginalized communities, false information, lack of community guideline enforcement or mechanisms to otherwise address these issues, has left us with no other choice,” the district attorney’s office said in a statement.

Gascon’s office also said that comments made regularly on its tweets have the potential to “harm” members of the community.

Gascon speaking in front of a microphone, wearing a suit and tie and a flag behind him

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon is creating a Racial Justice Act Section within his office.  (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

“LADA remains committed to transparency and accessibility. Please find us on all other platforms where we will continue to engage with the public at every opportunity,” the statement concludes.

Jonathan Hatami, who is challenging George Gascon in the upcoming 2024 district attorney election, blasted Gascon’s decision to leave Twitter in a statement to Fox News Digital, calling it a “complete lack of transparency on his part.”

“George claims responses to the LADA Twitter account are actually ‘harming the community’ If that’s true then maybe as the elected DA, George should do something about that. Running away and hiding from his constituents just shows cowardice on his part. It also doesn’t solve the alleged issues he is claiming to raise. That’s not leadership,” Hatami.

“It is interesting but not surprising that a man who once called a murder victim’s mother uneducated to her face, called his employees internal terrorists  before ever meeting them, and allowed a 26-year-old violent child molester to be sentenced to serve time in a juvenile facility, would quit Twitter over concerns that it’s not a safe space,” McKinney remarked about Gascon’s announcement.

When McKinney saw Gascon was “troubled by ‘the rise in unchecked vitriol targeting marginalized communities, false information, and lack of community guideline enforcement,” he thought that the district attorney was “referring to his own administration.”

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