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GREG GUTFELD: The California Reparations Task Force's recommendations 'sound really racist'

Happy Thursday, everybody. What a short week it is. Now, as you probably already know, California has a reparations task force. And what’s their task, besides giving government employees something to do between renaming elementary schools after Marxists and handing out syringes? It lets them punish citizens for crimes committed before they were born, against people they don’t know in places most of them have never even been to. You know, that’s like punishing me because in the past, one of my relatives bought a Red Hot Chili Peppers record. I can’t, be held accountable for every white person’s atrocity. 

The task force just released a report of over 1,000-pages, and it’s all about, “eliminating disparities.” You know, like the one between people who own small businesses and people who loot small businesses, like between people who use a bathroom and people who pee behind trash cans.

KAT TIMPF: That was one time.

Yes and it’s on tape. 

The task force has also called on the state legislature to cancel child support debt for Black residents.

TYRUS: Yes. Yeah. Whew.

You’re not in California, Tyrus.

California reparations committee

Dr. Jovan Lewis, center, listens during as the California Reparations Task Force meets to hear public input on reparations at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. ((Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images))

I’m just going to read this as is, “Law enforcement is frequently tasked with enforcing public disorder offenses, such as illegal camping, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, minor trespass, and,” my favorite, “public urination. Although the subjects of these contacts are often experiencing homelessness, a mental health crisis or both, the responding officers typically possess neither training or expertise in working with these vulnerable populations. And this disconnect often results in the use of excessive and sometimes fatal force that falls disproportionately on Black individuals.” 

Given the devastating impacts of this kind of over policing, they recommend that the legislature prohibit law enforcement from criminally enforcing public disorder infractions and other low level crimes. There you have it. Don’t enforce the law because the guy breaking the law might be Black. And boy, that’s a lot of unenforced law. But it’s weird, all of these ideas to help Black Californians always sound really racist. Forgive child support debt, let people pee on the street, I mean, what liberal came up with these? David Duke? Joe Biden? Hard to tell. 

Meanwhile, if you’re just trying to mind your own business, raise a family or work, you still got to pay taxes, but with the added value of people literally pissing on you. California has been home to a lot of awful things earthquakes, fires, the Manson family, 20 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but slavery was never one of them, and yet they’re using that past evil to create a present divide that only the very rich and the very protected can endure. 

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